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The band Spirit Forge was formed in the year 2017, in the city of Porto Alegre / RS. Bringing all its originality with the energy of its music, the group adds several individual characteristics of its components producing a distinct authorial sound.

The first single titled ‘Last Goodbye’ released in the year 2017 and which also has a music video filmed in the studio Audio Porto with the direction of Deivis Horbach and with the production of Plano9 Filmes was well accepted by the public. The band has just released their new single “Hierba Santa”. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stenio Zanona at Tungstudio. The full album is expected to be release in 2019.

Spirit Forge is: Gabriel Valle (lead vocals and guitar), Martin Estevez (drums and backing vocals), Zaka Sulista (lead guitar) and Gabriel Siqueira (bass and backing vocals).

*Official Website: www.spiritforgeband.com
*Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/spiritforgeband
*Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIlLHis0FVYuWhnOG8SkotA

*E-Mail: contact@spiritforgeband.com

Single ‘Last Goodbye’ (2017)
Single ‘Hierba Santa’ (2017)
Full-Length ‘Hand of Life’ (Coming Soon)

SPIRIT FORGE - Official Website - All Rights Reserved 2017